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The most expensive and ambitious "Fight Movie" of all, this time targeting spaghetti westerns of old.

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Watch the Movie (9:53 + 3:40 "Encore Reel")
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White bandit enters and joins the Black Warriors gang, only to destroy them while claiming a $200,000 cashbox, with the help and assistance of Private R.
Alex Lin- White Bandit
Richard Davis- Private R/General#3
Eric Jones- General#1
Timothy Yung- General#2/Guard#1/Guard#4
Phillipe Arquie- Guard#2/Guard#5
Ian Anderson- Guard#3/Guard#6
Kevin Johnson- Sling
Evan Pu- Master of the Black Warriors
Fight Choreographer- Kevin Johnson
Cinematographer- Eric T. Jones
Writer- Richard Davis
Producer- Richard Davis
Director- Richard Davis
Right from when we started the idea of the "Fight Movie" series, there was going to be a gunfight installment. The original idea was a straight rip-off of "A Fistful of Dollars". However, with the limited amount of people we had, the first script I was given involved only one gang, not two rival gangs that the "hero" walks in the middle of and ends up singlehandedly destroying them both.
I originally intended the role of the White Bandit to go to Phillipe Arquie, but Richie had already picked someone who I never met before- Alex Lin.
The guns took forever to obtain, and I voluntarily put out $60 from my own pocket. (since I had never contributed a dime to a Dead Moose, Inc. production, I figured now was the time to start... since Richie did spend $86 or so on swords (half of which got broken; half the guns would also have the same fate))
The film was shot over three weekends, all three of them very, very frustrating.
The first weekend of November 13, nothing got shot until 55 minutes into the two-hour schedule we had, since the cast was too busy fooling around and nobody showed up. 5 minutes and 38 seconds of scenes were shot when it came to editing.
The second weekend of November 21, Evan couldn't come, so we had to shoot around him, and I made sure that everything without Evan got shot that day (through much frustration, A.D.D. and short-term memory loss on the part of the cast, me directing 75% of the time, and a couple uses of the F-word). And then, the grand shootout sequence, where Kevin was directing everybody the whole time (including me!). Richie came over to see me edit for about 15 minutes, until he left, discovering it to be a very obsessive-compulsive job.
The final shooting day, November 26, we shot the final scene we needed to shoot, which took 30 whole minutes to do, and moved immediately onward to "Fight Ultimatum".

Budget- $100
Aspect Ratio- 2.20:1 [16x9 letterbox]
Initial Filming Date- 13 November 2004
Filming Wrap Date- 26 November 2004
Release Date- 27 November 2004

The "Fight Movie" without fighting!





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