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Dead Moose, Inc.


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Shot quickly for film school, it is really Dead Moose, Inc's first family-friendly film.

Watch the Movie (3:20)

Two young people fight over the car keys.
Judy Hanna- Girl in Black Sweater
Kun-wei Song- Girl in Green Sweater
Tripod-Loaning Service- Richard Davis
Cinematographer- Eric T. Jones
Editor- Eric T. Jones
Writer- Eric T. Jones
Director- Eric T. Jones
As I was taking an introductory film course at De Anza College, one of our projects was a silent editing exercise... which sounds easy enough, except I'm in a state of major writer's block.
In a panic, I cannot come up with anything the weekend before it's due. Still in a state of panic on the Friday that "Casino Royale" opened, I wondered what in blazes I was doing seeing a movie when I had homework to finish!
Well, "Casino Royale" surprisingly turned out to be the best thing that happened to me; while I could never attempt to copy its action sequences [yeah yeah, "Fight Movie", shut up], I was impressed and hanging at the edge of my seat during the tension-filled card games the editor actually allowed us to see. This was well within my resources, as I already had a deck of cards.
...and knew one card game that wasn't Go Fish, or War: 21. Which at evaluations I found out was played wrong, but the point was that I had a film; a script that I not only pulled out on the spot, but one that I actually enjoyed writing. There really is nothing more fun than characters who are complete 10-year-olds, and I suggest you try it.
As it turned out, having a plan for the next (and only) day wasn't the end of it. Richard was supposed to star in the film alongside Judy, but he bailed out citing for the very first time "homework". By way of miracle, two houses down was Judy's friend Kun-wei, who just arrived home... also on a schedule, but okay to film.
Afterwards, we fought against time, but got it done!
The initial release was done when I was completely exhausted, and neither the edits nor my shoddy color-timing (which I think made the color continuity worse) were to my satisfaction. While the film has received generally positive feedback, I have received complaints about the silence making viewers feel "deaf".
I'm taking this as an opportunity to experiment with sound editing, and due to my desire to submit this to the Monta Vista Film Festival, I do not want the festival organizers getting confused and butchering my work by inserting some polka music on it. If there is to be sound, let it be the sound I want. In addition, the new Sound Edition will feature far improved color-timing (the screenshots below are the new version) and newly-timed cuts.
"N" is the first Dead Moose, Inc. feature to be filmed with our newly-acquired anamorphic lens, which, in simple terms, gives us real widescreen. ("Fight Ultimatum", for example, was filmed in 16:9 (1.78:1) but letterboxed in post-production to give the final 2.20:1 widescreen image. This lens, combined with the camera in 16:9 mode, gives a final filmed aspect ratio of 2.37:1 with no cropping necessary. There is NO visual information missing from the top or bottom of the frame; you are seeing the full filmed image)




(c)2002-2009 Dead Moose, Inc.