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DMI/OP's first production shot-on-film (and it won't be the last... maybe it'll be the second-to-last).

Watch the Movie (1:58)

Some guy reads a newspaper and does stuff. And you don't need speakers or headphones to watch it.
Kevin Johnson- Some Guy
Eric T. Jones- Camera
Kevin Johnson- Writer
Eric T. Jones- Writer
Eric T. Jones- Director
While we're all waiting for "'Con'science" to be released, I currently am taking film courses at college- right now, my second 16mm film production class. So, this is officially the third roll of 16mm film I've shot, but the first time I technically got it right (focusing, exposure, lab not screwing up and fogging the film...).
Essentially a test-roll to prepare for a project we're planning to shoot on November 12, 2007, we improvised the film as each shot was created, until the 2-and-a-half minute film roll ran out.
A few days later, it was specially processed, then transferred to video by crappy in-school telecine (but at least it's free), and edited to show the viewing public because we hate all of you that much.



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