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Dead Moose, Inc.

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Welcome to the new Dead Moose, Inc. site.


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Want to know why a colorized stoned happy bunny is the mascot for a site named Dead Moose, Inc.?
Because I FEEL LIKE IT, gosh!

-"Safehouse" is released!
-"Nathan." is officially released!
-Coming Soon: "Safehouse" and "'Con'science" (yeah I know it's been forever...).
-New film released! "1/2-Stop Pull", which has a plot and a pre-written script this time. Enjoy!
-Release for "a first date" appears uncertain.
-Not our last movie for months, we should have another one up in a couple weeks whether it's "'Con'science" or some other project.
-New movie, "2-Stop Push", is up.
-The Production Journal explains all... and a few potential upcoming shorts.

-No, we're not dead. The Production Journal only covers the half of what's coming.
-"'Con'science" should be released within the next 30 days or so; if it takes long, I'll let you know whether it's because I'm lazy, or if Nazi hosting services won't let us post it in its 45-minute entirety so people can watch it in one sitting.
-The teaser trailer for "'Con'science" is up online here, and the film has completed photography. Only post-production is left, and it is estimated the film will be released early July.
-"SCHEDULE" is up on Revver, viewable on the page itself.
The teaser trailer for "'Con'science" and the sound version of "N" will not be released as planned tonight, due to some bug fixes. We don't want to release these more times than we need to.
New "Film Festivals" section displays the Festivals that Dead Moose, Inc. and Oleander Productions have toured... along with wins and nominations if applicable.
"The Mugging" is now on Break; some of our videos will be posted on Revver, while others will be on Break, but for those still watching, do look at it, rate, vote and comment!
"The Mugging" is the first of select films to be uploaded to YouAreTV, which I intend as a replacement for Google Video in future projects.
Added at the top-right is a link to the Production Journal, as placed on the "Inakamichi: Visions" website.
Welcome to the new and improved Dead Moose, Inc. page, with almost every movie having its own page of production notes and screenshots.
In addition, every URL has its own name- if you want to go to the page for "Fight Movie II", it's fmii.html, not id82.html.
-New movie, "The Mugging", added. Also, take a look at the new "AUTOFOCUS-O7" rules, if you're up for a filmmaking challenge!

Last Production Journal Update [link]:
2009 August 18


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