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The "first" in "Fight Movie" canon, it serves as a ripof- I mean homage to "Soul Caliber" and other such fighting games.

The previous installment

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Kevin Johnson- White Warrior
Richard Davis- Challenger 1: "Impostor!"
Eric T. Jones- Challenger 2: "Bring it on, ------!"
Fight Choreographer- Kevin Johnson
Cinematographer- Eric T. Jones
Director- Richard Davis
"I want to re-do 'Fight Movie 1,'" says Richard Davis.
The idea of completely re-doing something that both Timothy and Philippe worked so cooperatively on shocked, if not slightly offended me. The only reason why I'd re-shoot the pilot version is to have it framed in scope, like "Fight Movie II" before it.
As it turns out, it wasn't a remake- it was something started over from scratch. And with new cast members (and that's where the "offended" part comes in). The original plan was to have Kevin Johnson face off with Evan Pu ("White Warrior" in "Fight Movie II"), and have things be even.
Director Richard Davis wanted another tribute film. Like "Fight Movie II" was our tribute to the "Kill Bill" movies, and "Fight Movie 3" our tribute to spaghetti westerns ("The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"), this is our tribute to fighting games- specifically, "Soul Calibur II".
Another thing he wanted to do- his main complaint with the first two "Fight Movie"s was that there wasn't enough fighting. And so, this one would be an extended fight... and became two!
There were scheduling conflicts with Evan, and as a result, Richard had to put his reputation (or maybe the word I'm looking for is "life") and be the contestant to face Kevin Johnson. The first fight proceeded smoothingly, but the second one, there were problems in rehearsal. First off, the originally-intended sword (a plastic fencing line) broke- in fact, that was the second one that did! (for those who want to know, we had two with us) Second, when the swords were replaced, Richie had enough of getting hit, and so, I volunteered to do this fight. Actually, I'm amazed at how quickly I volunteered to give up my cameraman's position.
Editing this the day shooting wrapped, I almost completely nixed the production sound and used only the sound effects. However, I was unhappy with the results, hence, I delayed it a day, so the next time I came back to the editing computer, I added most of it back in.
To make it more like a video game, on November 8 the same year, the first Special Edition of the film was released with video game music and pixellation. Finally, with its release on viral video, the final touch-ups were added: first eschewing the pixellation [still visible in DVD copies of "Fight Ultimatum"], title cards were added.
Aspect Ratio: 2.20:1 [16x9 letterbox]
Initial Filming Date: 16 October 2004
Filming Wrap Date: 16 October 2004
Release Date: 17 October 2004

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