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It is vital to maintain your computer overlords.

Watch the Video (8:01)-

An instructional video detailing the perils of not maintaining your computer overlords.
Richard Davis- TOM 06213
Kevin Johnson- Maintenance Leader/Resident
Timothy Yung- Resident
Sean Carpenter- Resident
Director of Photography- Eric Jones
Camera- Eric Jones
Camera- Richard Davis
Editor- Eric Jones
Editor- Richard Davis
Writer- Richard Davis
Director- Richard Davis
One of the group's more hyped and anticipated ideas, Richard Davis wrote the first draft of the script- influenced somewhat by George Lucas' "THX-1138"- a full year before shooting started, on late January 2006. As it turned out, shooting was the easy part, as "SCHEDULE" is the kind of film created in an editing room.
With more and more footage dumped in, nearly a full hour of raw footage was uploaded (and much more was shot) and whittled down to the 7-minute movie you see. The film was on "80% complete" status ever since summer started, with only those last, vital bits needing to be added. With a delayed animated title sequence for the opening (which was actually created, but not the revised one without the spelling errors), Richard grew tired of waiting, and finally decided to release the film without the sequence.
Aspect Ratio- 1.33:1 [4x3]
Initial Filming Date- 21 January 2006
Filming Wrap Date- 10 November 2006
Release Date- 18 December 2006




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