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The first film using the AUTOFOCUS-O7 rules, from pre-production to post-production, it took no more than 4 hours to get made.

Watch the Movie (1:42)

An unsuspecting stranger gets robbed... until he starts looking.
Kevin Johnson- The Walker
Sean Carpenter- The Thief
Eric T. Jones- Camera
Eric T. Jones- Editor
Eric T. Jones- Writer
Eric T. Jones- Director
Using the AUTOFOCUS-O7 rules written up the night before, "The Mugging" was written very quickly with the full concept mentally written an hour before everyone would meet for shooting, and the roughest-looking script written down on a clipboard an hour later.
This is in contrast to the many halted long-term projects we have; "The Mugging" took no more than 4 hours to be conceived, shot and released.
Edited with Windows Movie Maker as by the rules [my usual program is Adobe Premiere], it was definitely annoying to use. Still, a good challenge is always fun.


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