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An attempt to send "Fight Movie" to the film festival circuit. Suffice to say it didn't work.

Previously on "Fight Movie"...

Watch the Movie (12:02)

When the credits roll 8 minutes into the movie, THE MOVIE IS NOT OVER YET. The movie ends with the "___Fin" title card is on the screen.
White Bandit (Alex Lin, Fight Movie 3) bands together other White Warriors (Kevin Johnson (Fight Movie 1.5), Evan Pu (Fight Movie II)) to commit a robbery.
Alex Lin- White Bandit
Evan Pu- White Warrior/Master of the Black Warriors
Kevin Johnson- White Warrior/Sling
Richard Davis- Private R
Timothy Yung- Guard#1/Guard#4/Warrior
Phillipe Arquie- Guard#2/Guard#5/Warrior
Ian Anderson- Guard#6
Eric T. Jones- Challenger#2
Fight Choreographer- Kevin Johnson
Cinematographer- Eric T. Jones
Producer- Richard Davis
Writer- Eric T. Jones
Writer- Richard Davis
Director- Eric T. Jones
It all started when Richie proposed the idea of "Fight Movie 1.5". The only reason I agreed to do it was because I wanted aspect ratio continuity, leading to another idea I had- using segments from that trilogy, wrap that around with a surrounding plot.
After all, the first three films (pilot, 1.5 and II) were virtually plotless (as the club we were screening these to criticized about; at they were fed up at 1.5), and there wouldn't be much trouble.
In a way, it's almost a sequel to "Fight Movie 3", without much of a need to see the aforementioned, since it shows what you need to know already.
Wrapping around a "Reservoir Dogs" style plot with some other twists, this is a true conclusion to the "Fight Movie" series. [ahem]
Filming this was the most frustrating thing I could possibly think of, though. Actors were not getting their lines straight, and no idea as to what line to start at. I had to go over it millions of times, with many distractions throughout.
And did the whole thing get executed as I wanted? No, there's still a couple of lines I felt vital to the script that didn't come out, including a vital plot twist.
At least the ending came out like I wanted it to be. With action movie and video game homages in the rest of the series, I decided to target some of my own personal favorites: silent masterpiece "Greed", "The End of Evangelion".
In the aftermath, the San Francisco International Film Festival rejected it. When I received the rejection letter in the mail, it was the happiest moment of my life- in my personal opinion, this is the worst job I ever did directing a movie.
Aspect Ratio- 2.20:1 [16x9 master]
Initial Filming Date- 26 November 2004 ["Fight Ultimatum" segments]
Filming Wrap Date- 26 November 2004
Release Date- 1 December 2004

We really thought "Fight Ultimatum" was the finale




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